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minutes wrk meet Madrid

1st Dec 04

open final proposal for the set of use cases & accordingly requirements profil ATOS 10
2 missing WSMO specs 1st Dec 04 ok clarifying state of the art of specification of Choreography - partially WSMX specification (partially environment specification for Infrawebs) UIBK all
3 propositions of APIs 13th Dec 04 ok partner proposals about APIs all all
4 BSCW installation for Sci.Com & Developer 15th Dec 04 cancelled BSCW installation (to be clarified with Doc Man Platform FHBO) sci.coord -
5 abstract design modules 15th Dec 04 ok partner present an abstract about their view of their modules - design all all
6 draft paper & overview DDS 20th Dec 04 ok draft paper & overview DDS sci.coord 7
7 GD1 April 05 open nevertheless the work within the WPs (Modules) should go on - Sci.Com meeting April 05 all
8 Discovery Module (SUA) 15th Feb 05 open Organising a work meeting in Vienna 1st week March 05 (UIBK) UIBK 4/5/
9 Discovery Module (SUA) 15th Feb 05 open IIT provides requirmement profile for Discovery module to SZTAKI IIT 5/6/7
10 Discovery Module (SUA) 15th Feb 05 open SZTAKI provides req profile to SAI SZTAKI 5/6/7
11 Dependencies of WPs 15th Feb 05 open each dev & use case partner provides a WP requirement list (demands to related WPs and modules) all devs&user
12 Use Case - Del restructure & references to the Modules 15th 02.05 open Restructure of the D10.1-2-3-4.1_v0.2 considering a separation of the argumentation and description layers & more clear references of use case functions to Infrawebs modules (next draft) Atos 10
13 Use Case & Def of SWS & manually design 15th 02.05 open Clear definition of the Web Services referenced to the use case 1 description (use case view granularity SWS)  & manually design of a simple example of a SWS Atos 10
14 E-Frame 15th Mar 05 open e-frame of the Use Case (Mock-Up) Atos 10
15 Dependencies of WPs 21th Feb 05 open final dependency matrix (depends on topic 11) sci.coord 2/3/4/
16 Domain knowledge 21th Feb 05 open For realising WP2 and WP3 further more detailed material is needed. - To clarify between big&aspa & Atos & Profium Atos big&aspa 2 / 3 / 10
17 Work Meetings 25th Feb 05 open SC publishes the dates for the work meetings (appears in the ToDo list of the e-book) Sci.Coord all devs WPs
18 DDS - realisation alternatives 28th Feb 05 open collection of several realisation approaches for the DDS - final decision in the next Sci.Com meeting (until beginning of April 05) Sci.Coord 7